Aftermath // Series Premiere Review

I like apocalyptic TV series, and I like science fiction and action. I watched a fair share of Walking Dead (until the middle of season 6, when it got really bad), I watch The Last Ship, Z Nation, The 100, and I watched Falling Skies. But I have one serious problem with Aftermath: In its... Continue Reading →


Step to the Music

When I opened this blog, not so long ago, I promised to bring TV and Music posts, but not only mainstream. I like TV series which sometimes are hidden pearls, stuffed in a little cable network. Much the same can be said about my music taste, which changes from mainstream pop and rock, to jazz,... Continue Reading →

New Great Comedy: Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the few new comedies that already started broadcasting this month. Brought to us by FX, it continues the new tone that is also featured in You're The Worst and Better Things: Comedy which is less light-hearted, more grounded, even darker at times, which presents real time situations and throws it all... Continue Reading →

Killjoys Season 2 Finale

Yesterday, Killjoys wrapped up its thrilling second season. One major plot thread was solved, but with it, several new mysteries and ideas came bouncing back. Since Sy-Fy already confirmed Killjoy's 3rd season renewal, we can try and sum up what we had this year. Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead! This season was digging a lot deeper... Continue Reading →

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