Fall’s TV is (almost) here!

Well, have you checked your calendar recently? It’s already September, and you certainly know what that means: The Fall season of television is almost upon us. To be of service to you, my fellow TV-addicts, your humble blogger will check out and update you on the new and upcoming series, so you don’t have to. Except for watching, of course.

First, I need to disclose a very important piece of info: I’m a science-fiction fan. Yeah, I said it. It doesn’t mean I don’t watch sitcoms, dramas or thrillers, but my No.1 genre will always be sci-fi. So, now that you know that, you will understand why I choose to focus on new sci-fi shows first. Also, just because I can.


From NBC, we get the action-drama series of Timeless, a series which will feature a team that travels back in time to different years, in order to prevent time criminals from sabotaging history. Sounds like the serial-cop version of 12 Monkeys, without the plague.
Starring: Goran Visnjic (Extant), Abigail Spencer (Suits, Rectify), and Matt Lanter (90210).


Time After Time

ABC goes more adventurous, with Time After Time. This series follows the novel and the film by the same name, in which the historical H.G.Wells actually builds a time machine, but then discovers that the despised murderer Jack the Ripper uses it to escape to the future. Wells follows him to our modern world, to try and stop him.
Starring: Freddie Stroma (UnReal), Josh Bowman (Revenge).


Making History

We need one time travel series as a comedy, right? Well, fear no more. Fox brings us Making History, a sitcom about two friends who travel through time using a duffel bag (!) in order to improve their current lives.
Starring: Adam Pally (Happy Endings), Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl).


That’s all for today, stay tuned for more Fall TV blog posts!

(Top Image: NBC’s Timeless).


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