Killjoys Season 2 Finale

Yesterday, Killjoys wrapped up its thrilling second season. One major plot thread was solved, but with it, several new mysteries and ideas came bouncing back. Since Sy-Fy already confirmed Killjoy’s 3rd season renewal, we can try and sum up what we had this year.

Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead!

This season was digging a lot deeper into the stories that we were old in the first season. We learned about Khleyn and his connections to Dutch, we learned about Pawter and her novelty, and we also got some of the back story of Alvis, along with the mythology of the scarbacks monks.

Having more of the recurring characters around for much more time, gave the story a wider perspective. It was no longer the world of 3 killjoys running around serving warrants. The world was suddenly filled with politics of the Quad, conspiracies about the true agenda of the Company, and possible connections to the scarbacks.

This season took a huge deal trying to construct (or deconstruct) the roles of our three protagonists: Dutch gives orders, D’avin shoots, Johnny cares. But, while those role got them in troubles so many times, they were also the main axis of the series. Without Dutch taking all things into consideration before going on a mission, things so south. Without D’avin’s military expertise, a lot of fighting situations could be a lot worse. And without Johnny working with his heart, figuring out things and being a root to everybody, they might have not done the great things they are doing.

Lucy also took a major leap forward this year, especially in the episode in which she was operating an android woman (which was actually played by the actress voicing Lucy). She may be a computer, but she is witty, quick to respond, so (so) smart, and always does the right thing. Especially for John.

Now that a major threat to the Quad was squashed, a much worse one may be on the way. It’s time for our favorite party-poopers (see what I did there?) to regroup and continue on. We won’t forget our lost ones, but in a world where sentient green plasma can take over people, anything is possible and everyone can return. I sure hope so.

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