About 12 Monkeys’ hiatus (aka: Mind Blown)

Attention: Some spoilers to 12 Monkeys season 2, be advised!

Initially, after enjoying the first season of 12 Monkeys a lot, I decided to wait when season 2 premiered, and watch the episodes on daily basis when I get the chance to. I started about 3 weeks ago, and at first, I was under the impression that it’s still top-notch, but nothing new is introduced in the first episodes. More of the same, I guess. Not that it’s a bad thing, usually, but I wanted to actually enjoy this season.

And then, episode 4 happened. and 5, and 6, and guys, I was blown away. More specifically, when Titan was first introduced, as the place the Witness comes from, without revealing anymore about the Witness (except his ability to manipulate Cassie for an entire episode), I got thrilled. It looked so futuristic, that I actually waited for the team to go to the future. While it didn’t happen yet, we got a confirmation it WILL happen. Oh yes!

Several things clicked into place this season:

  1. Having Cassie in 2044 solved several plot obstacles, and that simplified the missions and the team.
  2. While Ramse enjoys causing troubles and takes special liking to betraying everyone in order to fulfill his own agenda, having him as part of the team for most of the time, felt really fitting for me.
  3. Jones learned to protect herself and the facility, and joined a specific key mission in the end of the season. Hurray!
  4. Don’t you like the 40’s?  and the 50’s? Those episodes were authentic and magical.
  5. Jennifer Goines. Well, what can I say? Besides the fact that we have a reasonable and likable explanation for her weirdness (she’s not just the lunatic from the first season), she was now a major character, one that has driven the story forward on several occasions this season. Between her being childish and funny in 2016, and her being old and witty in 2044, her performances were strong! And she can call Cole Otter Eyes anytime she wants!

I know, I know, sometimes, playing with time on television can result in a plot going bananas. Frankly, I believe 12 Monkeys’ writers prepared very well in advance, thus creating a believable time travel series. On several occasions I found myself opening my mouth in shock, uttering, “Oh you did it!”. There probably were several holes, but overall, it wasn’t as wibbly wobbly as you’d expect. It all works, and it helluva works.

I watched the last 2 episodes yesterday, and I can’t stop thinking about next season. Will somebody please splinter us to next year, please?

What were your thoughts about 12 Monkeys?

(Top Image: SyFy’s 12 Monkey’s second season cast)


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