What Do I Listen To? (Mid September Music Picks)

The first and-a-half bit of September has already brought along some great tunes for us music lovers. Moreover, in my music picks blogs, I will regularly revisit old favorites, and bring to light some great but not recent songs that I just stumbled into. Enough with the talking, right?

Sia ft. Kendrick Lamar – The Greatest

To tell you the truth, I actually do not remember the last time when I didn’t immediately fell for a new Sia song. The same applies here, with this catchy melody and the inspirational lyrics. Even the rap part doesn’t interfere much. THE GREATEST!


Florence + The Machine – Stand By Me

Florence has recently released this cover, which is part of the soundtrack of the Final Fantasy XV game. Over the years literally thousands of artists have covered this song, some did good, some not so much. But when Miss Welch touches something, it will surely turn to gold. AWESOME!


Rebecca Black – The Great Divide

Believe me or not, and I’m well aware of Black’s Friday history, I was surprised as well to hear such a great song when I clicked that thumbnail in YouTube. Rebecca actually brings out the best in her, with great vocals and gorgeous beat. The clip is simple and yet captivating, and though she may sound like a lot of other girls in the Pop business right now, I believe she will find her spot. I will keep an eye on her. BREATHLESS!


Marion Raven – The Minute

This one is not new (not that old, either). I incidentally saw her on Instagram yesterday, and decided to look up newer songs she did (I knew some of her old songs around 2006 when she covered It’s All Coming Back to Me Now with Meatloaf). I immediately came across this sweet song and clip, and fell in love. It’s on repeat ever since. SWEET!


That was all for now, see you next time in our little musical corner of the web. šŸ™‚


One thought on “What Do I Listen To? (Mid September Music Picks)

Add yours

  1. Great songs! Thank you.
    Rebecca is really good and interesting. I will follow her.
    Sia is amazing as always, so is Florence.
    To tell the truth, everytime I hear Florence it reminds me of you:)
    The last song is kind of week in my opinion.
    Waiting to hear more

    Liked by 1 person

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