The Fundamentals of Caring // Movie Review

Initially, I started watching The Fundamentals of Caring because of Paul Rudd. For those geeks among us, Rudd is known to star as Antman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I liked his acting and his witty humor, and even though I knew this movie is mostly drama, I chose to watch, and enjoyed Rudd a lot, but more importantly, enjoyed watching the chemistry between him and the other, younger, actors.

My mom has a walking disability from a young age, and in recent years, she started using a walker. I help her a lot, and got used to help her most of my life. Watching a movie about a kid coping with a tough disability, it actually enlightened me, seeing how the disabled, and his companions, shouldn’t succumb to the bad moments in life. We all should go ahead, enjoy what we have, make the most out of our life and with the people we love.

Rudd, starring as Ben, a troubled person with a dark trauma in his past, recently graduated a caregiver training, and lands a job taking care of a 18-something kid (Craig Roberts) with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The mom hesitates, since this job is tough, but it is the kid who decides Ben should be his caregiver, after an hilarious exchange:

Trevor: Yeah, but if we’re gonna throw down nine bucks an hour for somebody to wipe my ass, we need somebody who knows how to wipe an ass.
Tell me, Ben, given the opportunity, how exactly would you wipe my ass?
Ben: I’d wipe it in such a way that when I was done, there would be no shit left on your ass.
Trevor: He’s the one.

So Ben slowly gets used to his new job, but one day comes up with the idea to take Trevor on a week long road-trip. The same Trevor who never get out of home, except for the weekly hour at the park. The same Trevor with the overly protecting mom. Still, the plan executes, and the two go on a crazy road trip, with the goal of reaching the world’s largest pit, a place Trevor came to like. Along the way, they are joined by Dot (Selena Gomez), a girl that left home after her mother died, looking for college elsewhere. Trevor immediately falls for her, and it’s funny to see him slowly opening up to her, and to Ben. Later, Peaches (Megan Ferguson), a pregnant lady stuck on the side of the road with her care, joins them as well.

Along the way, we get some drama (Peaches’ pregnancy), some romance (Trevor and Dot’s date), some comedy (Ben and Trevor in the farm), and actually, a mix of everything.

We slowly get the idea of what’s troubling Ben: He refuses to sign his wife’s divorce papers, for years now, because of his mistake that led to their little boy being killed several years ago. Everyone warns him that taking care of Trevor won’t redeem him of that, and more importantly, he shouldn’t get too close to Trevor; He is not his son and not his replacement.

Eventually, everyone learns something new throughout the course of the movie. We, the viewers, learn the most important things: Don’t lose your humor, and never give up on your dreams!

I definitely enjoyed this movie, and I hope you will too! Available at the closest Netflix near you 🙂


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