Step to the Music

When I opened this blog, not so long ago, I promised to bring TV and Music posts, but not only mainstream. I like TV series which sometimes are hidden pearls, stuffed in a little cable network. Much the same can be said about my music taste, which changes from mainstream pop and rock, to jazz, indie, contemporary, and almost any other genre there is. This time, I will talk about some mainstream-indie music, meaning, artists that may or may not be known to you, but are worth every second of listening.

Jessie Ware – Running

When you will press play on this video, your initial thought would be that it is a long-lost song from the 90’s. Well, it’s not. Jessie Ware is almost mainstream in the UK, having a lot of top songs, successful tours and infinite amount of live shows (her 2014 iTunes show is the most perfect one) in the last 4 years. The above song is very well produced, and her singing is no less than perfect. I can hear it on repeat all day.

KT Tunstall – Hard Girls

KT Tunstall was pretty famous around 2004, when her debut album, “Eye to the Telescope” was out (you probably remember this song). Ever since, she released several more albums, to some success. However, her new singles from the newly released album are some sort of a return to the good old days, and I quite enjoy this one particularly. I hope you will, too!

Quinn Archer – Dark Places

Quinn Archer, to compare to the previous two videos, is a lot more indie and much less mainstream. However, I surely hope that one day she will break the VEVO walls and break out into the world. She deserves it. Dark Places is my favorite song of her EP, and it brings so much vocal greatness to our world, that we simply need no more (except pressing the replay button over and over).

Brielle Von Hugel – Elastic Heart

Brielle, on the other hard, is a bit more famous, after recording several songs with the sensation the is Postmodern Jukebox. When I hear a great singer that is cooperating with PMJ, I immediately look up their channel and hear some of their own material. In the case of Brielle, I surely wasn’t disappointed. This Sia cover, however old, is a breathe of fresh air. Brielle manages to sound her vocals and expose her take on the song, in this awesome version. Go ahead and check out her entire YouTube channel, and don’t forget her first original song on SoundCloud.


There is a lot more indie and great music that I listen to, and I will be sure to share it here soon. Meanwhile, enjoy!

(Top image: Jessie Ware)


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