Aftermath // Series Premiere Review

I like apocalyptic TV series, and I like science fiction and action. I watched a fair share of Walking Dead (until the middle of season 6, when it got really bad), I watch The Last Ship, Z Nation, The 100, and I watched Falling Skies. But I have one serious problem with Aftermath: In its current state, and I’m sad to say that, I won’t live to see another season. The first episode was mediocre at best, and though the premise looks promising, the outcome was a mix of several different things, executed with too many mistakes.

Let’s go over the 101-unwritten-guide-to-the-apocalypse, and compare to what the characters did in real time:

  1. When you are with your family, stick together at all costs; Karen, the mom, was in the Air Force most of her life, and kept a gun at home. But after shooting a crazy kid that attacked her and her family, she drove off alone to the police station to report it. Seriously? The kid wasn’t sane, and clearly something left his body when he died. It is the apocalypse. The police are of no use, just don’t leave your family! Luckily she managed to return, not before being attacked twice in the meantime.
  2. Don’t hitchhike with crazy people; One of the girls, Brianna, hoped the local policeman would take her back home. But after seeing he acts batshit, and doesn’t even remember her (and himself), she shouldn’t have get into his car. Luckily, the frightening bikers were more helpful later on.
  3. Don’t ask a frightening biker for help; Claiming she saved his life, Brianna yelled at the chief of the bikers to give her a ride to the shelter town where she was supposed to find her family. Seriously? Luckily, after two to three yells, he agreed. Not so believable.
  4. Don’t enter a dark, empty, shadowy police station; Guess what? Karen did that. While she found a nice shotgun, she was attacked by two crazies who luckily were behind bars.
  5. Don’t go straight to the military established shelter; We all know this is the first place to get destroyed / overrun / attacked / contaminated. Well, it did happen. Even before our characters managed to set foot in.

I can go on and on, but you got the point. There were tons of rookies mistakes, and tons of “Luckily”. There were even more inconsistencies: If the cellular network went down, how come it miraculously went back online for a few minutes every time for the characters to text? How come, after we, as the audience, heard trumpets when the meteorite crashed, musical trumpets played on the radio? Are we supposed to believe the meteorite explosion distributed it?

The entire idea of an apocalypse series is exciting. Even with low budget you can see society collapses, small scale natural disasters, and freaky incidents. What we got, however, was a chaos of radio reports about earthquakes, hurricanes, sickness and meteors crashing down. The sick people came out of nowhere, and the entire “let’s drive to the general direction where Brianna was taken” and then “let’s drive to the shelter town” was a weak attempt to pull the plot forward.

After an entire pilot, most of the time I find myself starting to care about one or more of the characters. That didn’t happen, either.

However, how can the season get better?

  1. I hope the family will pick up Brianna in the next episode, otherwise, it will become repetitive and not interesting. They need to be together, not search for a missing person like half of the Walking Dead episodes.
  2. I want to see more of the influences on society and how people cope with the end-of-days. Simply moving forward to the sick people and the trumpets is a waste of interesting stories, the same mistake Fear the Walking Dead did in the first season, when they leaped over the apocalypse happening too quickly.
  3. Actually, no need for sick people at all. We have enough zombies as it is. The disasters are much more interesting.
  4. The family needs to have a mission. It works well in Z Nation (and not working in Walking Dead). They could try and get to Europe (maybe it is still intact), to the CDC, or to the White House. I don’t care. Just avoid them moving on aimlessly.

For now, I will continue to watch, and if a change will happen, I will be sure to update. Stay safe, y’all!


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