Time Travel Fundamentals

Lately, I've started to think about some of the movies, TV shows and books about time travel, that I've read over the years. Some of them were exceptional, some were good, and some, unfortunately, were only mediocre (nicely saying, of course). I'm no expert on time travel, don't get me wrong, and I never traveled... Continue Reading →


Rain on my Blogade

In light of the rain and the thunders that happened upon us, here in Israel, today, I decided it's time for a slew of winter music. So grab your umbrellas, hold on to your jackets, and look for your furnace, cause it's winter time! Let's start off with an upbeat one, because the rain is... Continue Reading →

Four in the Morning // Season 1 Review

I'm gonna start right away and say: We are in desperate need of more TV series like Four in the Morning. Not your conventional comedy, not exactly science-fiction, yet very realistic, very true, and sprayed with the right amount of weirdness, just enough to make it worthwhile and enjoyable. Four in the Morning happens at... Continue Reading →

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