No Tomorrow // Series Premiere

In recent years, and especially since Netflix became the huge production company that it is now, the borders between genres started to fade. Comedy is no longer necessarily 20 minutes, drama can be very funny, and every genre can include science-fiction elements.

No tomorrow is essentially a comedy, but I guessed you noticed, it was a 40 minutes episodes. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Braindead are two recent examples of this “invention”, and I love it. Some series work better when longer.

In No Tomorrow, Joshua Sasse (Galavant) is Xavier, a 20-something man who believes an asteroid is about to hit Earth in 8 months. He quit job (what’s the use?) and made a list of all the things he wishes to do before the end will happen. When his box of beers was accidentally mailed to Evie (Tori Anderson), who has a slight crush on him after running into him in the market, she decides to take the box and let fate play its cards. And it did.

The main idea here, is how will the two learn to cope with each other, when Evie is too afraid to try anything new, and Xavier is free and looks for extreme things to do? Will they learn to find the balance, or will they explode after every small issue? How will Evie’s family accept the new guy, and will he want to be accepted, when the end is near anyway?

What I liked mostly about No Tomorrow, is its courage to do bold things. Yeah, I know it was done in many places, but this series does it with style. Evie gets a marriage proposal from her on-and-off boyfriend (who comes built-in with subtitles!), but asks “to think about it”. Later on, when she thinks Xavier is everything she wanted, and he does the great mistake every character has to do to complicate things, it didn’t take longer than 5 minutes to be back on track, with help from Evie’s boyfriend, all the same while she explains to him why she has to reject him. Maybe not that original, but unique and true to life.

Evie’s workplace is a mess (comically speaking), and it’s awesome. Her boss is a mash-up of every cruel and repulsive boss we’ve seen on TV. Her co-workers need Evie to inspire them, and Xavier managed to show her how to do it.


The karaoke scene was gorgeous. It could either fall because Evie truly can’t sing, or because she’s a perfect singer. But having Xavier stripping in order to persuade her to give a decent show, it was a nice surprise. The song was also perfect, Glee-style.

I surely hope this series will maintain its strong premiere, and the CW is known to pick up good ones. Tori Anderson is sweet, Joshua Sasse is perfect as the handsome risk-seeker, and the rest of the cast is awesome.

What did y’all think? Comment about it 🙂


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