A Bit of the Israeli English Music Scene

In recent years, and thanks to the internet the the social networks, a lot of musicians try their luck outside of their country. There is a fairly nice amount of Israeli singers who sing in English, gaining some success across the ocean. In this post, I will try to start to name a few of my favorites, and I hope you, my readers, will find some good music here.

Yael Borger

The sister of Asaf Borger (a.k.a. Borgore, a famous DJ around the world), Yael Borger has already secured a place as a strong vocalist, with various genres, including pop, rock and disco. Her branding and clips are beautiful and colorful, and her live shows are awesome.

Also: Be sure to check her Soundcloud page, especially One Last Kiss and Viva Forever.

Dorine Levy

Dorine Levy is no newcomer, being active for more than 5 years. Her debut album, Underwater, was released in 2013.  Her sound is captivating, pulling you in with minimal effort, and all the while, you enjoy and keeping the “replay” button pressed. The new single, Crazier, always creates an awesome breeze from my speakers when I play it.

Also: Don’t miss her Soundcloud page, and the great cover of Spin Doctor’s Two Princess.

Maor Nawi

I especially love Maor Nawi. Her strong vocals, her music, the guitars, the special effects, it all sums up to something far greater than the whole. The above clip, Broken, was the first one I heard from her, and shortly after her album went out last summer, I purchased it and enjoyed every moment of it.

Also: The Soundcloud page, and don’t miss the live version of her song REM.

I surely hope I gave you some new music to listen to, and I will be sure to bring more, the next time. If you have more, please share in the comments.


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