Save Them All // Timeless Episode 2 Review

After the ride of the series premiere, episode 2 kicks off moments after, and while there is a short time when Lucy tries to figure out what has changed for her in this new present, she is immediately called back to another mission. Flynn has traveled back again, and this time, to the day of the Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.

Being some sort of a time cops procedural, this series has an intriguing obstacle: How do you turn this potentially-repetitive scenario into a thrilling weekly action-packed episode? Because while it is awesome to see our 3 heroes travel back to a different period each week, saving (or un-saving) some historical figures and preventing (or un-preventing) disasters, this cat/mouse race can become tiresome. What will Timeless be?

Will it be like Doctor Who, where there are season-long arcs, and mostly, standalone episodes with different events, people and general tone? If you watch Doctor Who, you probably know that every episode has it’s own sub genre: Some are thrillers, some are comedy, some are science fiction, some are very grounded. Much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where every movie is different, because otherwise, it becomes boring. For example, I want them to travel to the future (by accident, or not). I know, what could Flynn possibly do in the future, but still, it will be something I wish to see.

Timeless’ first episode established the premise: 3 heroes, one historian, one marine, and one programmer (who knows how much trouble his skin color will cause him in every period) must find Flynn in every point in time he travels to, and stop him. But is it so? There are secrets (Lucy’s yet-unwritten notebook in Flynn’s hands, the recording device Rufus is forced to carry, by orders of Rittenhouse, a mystery Flynn keeps repeating about to Lucy, and Wyatt’s ex wife who we will surely stumble upon sometime, because, you know, it’s a major plot device), and that’s what makes it all interesting. When a time travel plot is well written, and the season (or the series) is thought thoroughly beforehand, we get the clues slowly, our minds are blown, and we enjoy every minute. Much like the second season of 12 Monkeys, for the record.

In this episode, Flynn’s plan was to assassinate all four major leaders, instead of just Lincoln. Lucy insisted that their mission is to save the ones need saving, but Rufus (and Wyatt) wanted to save Lincoln, even though this could have serious consequences on the present. In the moment of truth, Lucy indeed tried to warn Lincoln, but it was too late. I actually hoped they would save Lincoln, just to see how everything would be affected. But they completed their mission and returned, and Lucy found out that she is now engaged, actually, to someone she doesn’t know.

Timeless - Season 1

It was a great episode, following the premise, while not disclosing much about the secrets. It was great seeing Lincoln and the periodic elements, and I’m absolutely waiting for this week’s episode!

What did you think? Comment about it.


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