Four in the Morning // Season 1 Review

I’m gonna start right away and say: We are in desperate need of more TV series like Four in the Morning. Not your conventional comedy, not exactly science-fiction, yet very realistic, very true, and sprayed with the right amount of weirdness, just enough to make it worthwhile and enjoyable.

Four in the Morning happens at around 4:00am, and features our 4 heroes. If you think about it, even the name is genius. Mitzi (Lola Tash) works in a boring position in a big bank; Bondurant (Daniel Maslany) is an aspiring tumpet player who tries to get to Juilliard School of Music; William (Mazin Elsadig) is a writer who published his first novel; and Jamie (Michelle Mylett), a young woman trying to find her way in life.

The main premise is that Mitzi and Bondurant are a couple, and William and Jamie are also together. Yet, from the very first moment, this arrangement seems fragile, with almost everyone eyeing for another partner. The group’s relationships (as couples and as a whole) drives the narrative: Bondurant wants to shoot the moon for Mitzi, Jamie takes William to where people will appreciate his writing, and Jamie’s stories about her previous husbands are thrilling.

But humor is not absent:

William: Sit down, Bondurant.
Bondurant: I just drove 23 hours from Manitoba. I’ll stand.
William: You’re leering. It’s making me uncomfortable.
Bondurant: Oh, let me tell you how much your comfort level means to me right now.
William: Please just take a seat.

The nice touch of the 23 hours (to keep the 4:00am constant) is hilarious. Later this episode, there is a power outage, and when William messes with the electricity board to try and restore the power, when he resets the button, we hear a car crash and screams. Yet, everyone ignores it and they continue on. Bondurant over-acting thing may seem weird in the beginning, but it is part of who he is, the artist he wants to be, and by contrast with all the other characters, it is funny to have him act like that.

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Yet, the magical element comes from the fantastical ingredients. In the second episode, for example, the group meets two “Daykids”, people who age rapidly and get old and die within one day. Their somewhat “quick” life shed light on our heroes. In another episode, a cult plans on shooting down the moon, but only Bondurant can get their special machine working in time. Will he do that for Mitzi? Bondurant’s parents are ancient crows, and terrorize his life whenever they are together. Julliard’s staff are human-lizards. There are a lot more such ideas throughout the series, and I personally enjoyed them a lot (perhaps because I’m such a science fiction fan. But I don’t need a full on spaceships / time travel series to enjoy, it seems).

The entire season comprises a story about trust, about heartbreaks, about finding out who you are, about life. Our heroes are left in different places when the season is over, and I surely hope Four in the Morning will get another season, because the first one was awesome. It proves that a comedy / fantasy mashup can be done with low budget and great stories. In a perfect world, Four in the Morning would already be renewed.

Images: CBC’s Four in the Morning.


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