Unclean Slate // Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Premiere

Kicking off a season premiere, after the spectacle that was the first season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, is a tough job. I seriously am not jealous of any of the writers and/or producers of this show. I even still remember how early in season 1, no one believed this series would get a second season. CW not only extended the first season to 18 episodes, but was also kind enough to enrich our life with another season of this treasure.

Now, this episode was pretty good, especially its second part, after the (too) long exposition with Rebecca and Paula. It served as a great season premiere, in which the plot was handed to us slowly, instead of dropping us in the middle of everything like other series tend to do. But talking about good things is easy (we’ll get to it after the pic). Let’s talk about some of the problems I had with this episode.

Paula is obsessed with Bec’s life, that much we know, and love. Seeing Paula struggling to find peace, trying to eliminate this poisonous habit, feels tedious at times. Yes, I agree Paula’s character needs to grow and develop, but is the the right way to do it is to abandon Bec? Via a contract? It just seems like an exaggeration, something that could be much more gentle. Its only advantage was Paula finding out she should go to law school. This, I love.

Greg is an alcoholic? Seriously? The build-up to it was much more dramatic, him being absent and no one is willing to tell anything. When Bec went to see Greg’s father, it was one of the funniest scenes in the episode, but I felt he was hiding something. And then Greg came out, dramatic even more. The big reveal was his drunk driving and the AA meetings, which, to be fair, wasn’t that big of a deal, and moreover, should not have been such a secret. It’s like he had to be pushed aside to complicate things.

Bec and Josh, on the other hand, spent all of this episode dealing with commitments and/or having sex. The Greg’s problem was okay, but was too big that it should have been. The drawer and the drawer’s song were cool and right on.


But there were also moments I liked in this episode: Bec spinning the situation to blaming Josh about the love/commitment talk. The “Love Kernels” song was great, portraying most relationships pretty good. Broom Darryl was an awesome moment in this episode, and the conversation between Bec and Greg’s father was really funny. Also, Heather:

Heather: Patrons can’t be back here. It’s, like, a health code violation.
Bec: You’re painting your toenails on top of potatoes.
Heather: Yeah, they’re gonna be peeled.

I’m sure this season will grow on me and be my favorite this year as well.

Comment with you opinions!


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