Rain on my Blogade

In light of the rain and the thunders that happened upon us, here in Israel, today, I decided it’s time for a slew of winter music. So grab your umbrellas, hold on to your jackets, and look for your furnace, cause it’s winter time!

Let’s start off with an upbeat one, because the rain is finally here, and it’s time for celebration 🎢🎢

There are people who wish to avoid rainy days. Fortunately, they can’t stop the rain. I love Sara Niemetz’ version of the song.

If you loved the 90s (like me), you might prefer the slow “Kiss the Rain” by Billie Myers. No problem by me. 🎷🎸

Sometimes I wish there was some rain in the summer. It’s a great reason to listen to Sia, isn’t it? 🌞🌈🌞

In the 80s, we had Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora, with a great mood song about rain and winter.

And let us conclude this winter celebration with an all-time classic, with Gene Kelly himself, singing and dancing in the rain. β˜”


Keep safe out there, and enjoy the rain!


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