The A-Bomb // Timeless Episodes 3-4 Review

Timeless is indeed one of my favorites shows right now, and as of such, it does deserve a weekly review. However, since I skipped one review last week, I will try and do my best to review those two episodes.

Episode 3 // Las Vegas

Story-wise, episode 3 took us to 1962 Las Vegas, to the famous Sands hotel, that was closed 21 years ago. Back then, it featured conferences and such, and president John Kennedy was there around the time Flynn landed. What’s Flynn gonna do?

Rufus: So what are we thinking? Flynn’s gonna “JFK” JFK one year early?

Actually, no. Flynn was using Kennedy’s mistress, Judith Campbell, in order to get his hands on an atomic bomb warhead. Since Judith is now famous for what she did, Flynn knew she’d have access to a general in the Nevada desert, where the bombs were tested (she was his mistress as well), and used her. At first, it seemed she was willing to cooperate with our team, but what was important to her was getting the picture Flynn took, of her and Kennedy. For that, she played a major role in his agenda.

Another big issue in this episode was Anthony Bruhl, the scientist Flynn “kidnapped” what he took the mothership. Slowly, the team realized Anthony was a willing participant in Flynn’s plan, and even when he had the chance to help, he gave Rufus an empty briefcase, without the bomb. However, Rufus blocked Wyatt from shooting Anthony, before knowing they don’t have the nuke. Still, Rufus managed to find a bright light:

Agent Christopher: But Garcia Flynn is still alive, and he got away with an atomic bomb.
Rufus: The situation was chaotic. On the upside, we’re finally starting to gel as a team. Just saying.

And this is what we, as viewers, need to take from this episode. Three missions in, and with no end in sight, the team has to learn to work together in order for them to succeed. Once they realize each one of them has a job, something s/he specializes in, they will start to produce wins. Flynn may have an atomic bomb, but they have each other, and they keep each other safe. Though it seemed like the story was a little off, especially when our heroes didn’t know what to do after Campbell double crossed them, and only an old slang save the day (Christy Pitt), it was still one fine episode with new views.

Episode 4 // Germany

This week, since Flynn has a nuclear weapon, our team must find him, once and for all. And since he went to Nazi Germany, the greatest adversary of the USA ever, they cannot fail. Initially they think is about to deliver the warhead to the Nazis, but upon getting there and learning that no a-bomb was inside the missile headed to Belgium, they realize Flynn’s far worst plan. He wishes to capture Wernher von Braun, the best rocket scientist in Germany, who later would have been captured by the USA and was one of the key people in the NASA moon program. Flynn wanted to hand him to the Russians, to help them win the cold war. Of course, our heroes manage to save the day, but not without the help of one Ian Flemming (greatly represented by Sean Maguire), the creator of James Bond!


Ian Flemming, way before being an author, was a British spy, and as one, he was far behind enemy lines, in Nazi Germany. The team encountered him in a bar (they went there wrongly, because Lucy thought the allies were gathering there), in a very funny exchange:

Flemming: I was in the middle of gathering intel until you two waltzed in. I swear, you Americans. You couldn’t stand out more if you tried.
Rufus: Don’t move. (guns blazing)
Flemming: I stand corrected.

He even represents himself as Flemming. Ian Flemming.

Anyway, Flemming helps them stop Flynn, while having some doubts about leaving the Nazi scientist alive. They turn him to the allies, and later, in the present, our team learns that they became the heroes of “Weapon of Choice”, Connery’s probably-altered Bond movie. What an honor!

One mishap about this episode is Rufus and his continuing effort to try and stop recording every mission for Mason. When he gave the recorder to his boss, it wasn’t long until one of Rittenhouse agents stopped Rufus’ car, electronically, and threatens him and his family, to get his cooperation back. While I side with Rufus, he should know that the big bosses require the recordings, and if he wants out, he needs Lucy and Wyatt’s help. He should know he can’t do it on his own. At least now we know Rittenhouse are real, and very powerful.

Lucy, on the other hand, demands from Agent Christopher that they provide her with support for her leave of absence from work, and she wants them to help bring her sister back. It may seemed easy, but we sure know it won’t be.

One last thing: The twist with the a-bomb being actually a battery core for Flynn’s mothership, so that he doesn’t need to recharge anymore (and draw power and attention) was smart, but added wasted drama to the Nazis story. He only went to Germany because it suited him, and not because he had the bomb.

Otherwise, it was another great episode, and Ian Flemming was both charming and obnoxious. I liked him.


What did you think about those episodes?


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