Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Redemption

If you remember, 2 months ago, when Crazy Ex-Girlfriend began airing its second season, I wrote a pretty disappointed post about its bad decision and weak plot lines. Recently I caught up with the remaining episodes that aired, and I'm happy to say that (by my point of view), the series did manage to redeem... Continue Reading →


My 2016 in Television – Part 2

No need for introductions this time around-- let's jump right back to where we stopped. Best Thought-Provoking Science Fiction Series: The Expanse Long story short, The Expanse tells the story of mankind in the near future, after settlements have been built on Mars and in the asteroid belt. While the rich live long life on... Continue Reading →

My 2016 in Television – Part 1

It's no surprise that 2016 broke some serious boundaries in quality and quantity regarding television. With the ever-growing involvement of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, and the infinite number of broadcast and cable channels everywhere, we've had an indescribable amount of new content. Sorting through it to choose favorites equals to... crossing the ocean,  guess. So,... Continue Reading →

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