My 2016 in Television – Part 1

It’s no surprise that 2016 broke some serious boundaries in quality and quantity regarding television. With the ever-growing involvement of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, and the infinite number of broadcast and cable channels everywhere, we’ve had an indescribable amount of new content. Sorting through it to choose favorites equals to… crossing the ocean,  guess. So, I’ll try my best here, and choose some of the TV series that made my year. This is part 1.


Best Comedies Channel: TBS

While every channel has some sort of uniqueness when it comes to content, TBS has risen this year to be the best in comedies. Let’s see: Angie Tribeca (2 seasons in one year!), The Detour, Wrecked, Search Party, and People of Earth, all of them were very high quality, enjoyable, told a coherent story, and most important, got renewed! Show me another channel that gets it right that much. I know there are a lot of other comedies out there, some pretty successful, but I liked the new blood TBS gave to comedy: It can be smart and silly (Angie Tribeca), it can be a complex spoof (Wrecked), or even a series that is mostly a thriller with a great cast (Search Party). Even People of Earth, which started as a weird aliens-conspiracy-small-town-abductions series, turned out wonderful. It all starts with daring and doing.

Best New Time-Travel Series: Timeless

This is no secret. I love time travel. With the absence of Doctor Who this year, and with 12 Monkeys being on its second (and wonderful) season, Timeless is the new kid in town, and they are killing it! Just take a look at the Instagram page of Malcolm Barrett, and all of the cast short videos and pics, and see how awesome they are, with their chemistry off the roof. And that’s the exact thing that makes a series great. Timeless is excellent when is comes to recreating the historical events, no matter how big they are (the moon landing or George Washington). They are also excellent building a round and complete villain, who isn’t necessarily the bad guy. While some of the back stories of our 3 heroes are a little rough, I’m sure it will get better. After all, they have all the time in the world.


Best Season Arc: You’re The Worst

In its 3rd season, most viewers came with pretty high expectations. After all, the first two seasons were great, I mean, how could another season top it? Well, it did! With a little rocky start (up until Jimmy’s Dad arc), the series was just a bit tired, but it was only to warm us. Since that point, it was like a roller coaster of great character moments and world building. Edgar got an entire episode (bringing the PTSD to attention), Vernon and Paul got one (Vernon is the best!), Jimmy went through the entire grief circle, and Gretchen managed to get a hold of her life. Even the “Sunday Funday” episode was awesome, and funniest of all (I surely hope it wasn’t really the last Sunday Funday). And while we didn’t notice, we’ve got the best realistic TV season of the year, with characters turning to real, flesh and blood people.


The Greatest Comic-TV Year Ever

I’m gonna say it out front: I’m more of a Marvel fan, and I enjoy Agents of SHIELD a lot. Be as it may, I’m also addicted to Legends of Tomorrow, and while not watching Arrow of Flash (planning to watch Supergirl, I promise), I watched the entire cross-over event and enjoyed a lot. We’ve also got the second (and last) season of Agent Carter this year, and the comics genre also spreads to comedies (Powerless, Sweet/Vicious). Having a major team up of supers on TV (yeah, we’ve already had it on the big screen, and it also happened this year) is every comics’ fan dream, and it happened on DC/CW this year. I’m already looking forward to next years team-up. Agents of SHIELD also took a step forward this year, with the introduction of Ghost Rider and AIs. It’s even gonna be greater in 2017!

That’s all for now, see you in Part 2 🙂

Don’t forget to comment your own favorites. And share. Definitely share.


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