My 2016 in Television – Part 2

No need for introductions this time around– let’s jump right back to where we stopped.

Best Thought-Provoking Science Fiction Series: The Expanse

Long story short, The Expanse tells the story of mankind in the near future, after settlements have been built on Mars and in the asteroid belt. While the rich live long life on Earth, and the Mars colony is very strict and optimistic, the poor live in filthy stations on asteroids, mining ice (for water).

800x600_theexpanse_s1_keyart1The series theme is mainly serious, and it follows two apparently different stories, that are actually woven together. The creators’ ability to create such realistic future, where space travel and technology only worsened the classes conflicts, is amazingly detailed. Moreover, the CGI budget was cinematic-level, making it a great space opera. Season 2 starts in February, and Netflix has the entire first season- go watch!


The Best Comedy That Got Canceled: Grandfathered

John Stamos‘ comedy was actually far more entertaining than meets the eye. I started watching it after it completed, knowing the series was cancelled. I was hesitant at first, was quickly fell in love with the great cast, the chemistry between them, and the witty writing. It was a series that seemed too focused on one subject (Stamos coping with having a family and staying a womanizer), but there are many other series just like that (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, 2 Broke Girls) that are still being renewed. It had a lot of potential for its second season, and I hated to see it go.


Best New Surprise Series: Four in the Morning

I’ve already reviewed Four in the Morning’s first season, but I would like to repeat a very important statement I’ve made there. I’m very grateful for this show, I’m grateful that it got made, and I’ll be all the more grateful if it gets a second season. We need more TV shows like this one: creative, original, funny, borderline science fiction, with moments of pure joy and awe. Four in the Morning follows a group of 4 mid-twenties friends, around 4am, who live a seemingly normal life, but spices up with the fantastical: shooting the moon, going through portals, meeting famous historical figures: all is in there, included. And it’s awesome. And it deserves a second season, ASAP.


And One Sad Point

This year proved, finally, that big budget series cannot go for too long without paying the price. Both Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead saw a decline in their numbers. I have nothing against those series, but the overall buzz about them was just exaggerated. Game of Thrones only have 2 seasons left, while The Walking Dead seem to not talk about it, but the viewers are tired. A series need to have a coherent sense of progress, and excuse me, but seeing main-cast-actors die every other episode is not it. Game of Thrones will eventually end, weak or not, but if The Walking Dead wishes to outlive the former, it needs to take a note or two from Z Nation, a zombie series that actually has a plot and a direction.

I know, there are way more categories to have, and way more series to mention, but all in all, I think these titles are the best this year. I liked a lot more, but the internet is short, and you probably know my taste if you read my blog regularly.

Wishing you all a happy Hanukah, a merry Christmas, and all the best for 2017!


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