Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Redemption

If you remember, 2 months ago, when Crazy Ex-Girlfriend began airing its second season, I wrote a pretty disappointed post about its bad decision and weak plot lines. Recently I caught up with the remaining episodes that aired, and I’m happy to say that (by my point of view), the series did manage to redeem itself, but it took the first three episodes to do that.

What do I mean? The first three episodes were like a quick rundown of the previous season: Rebecca wants Josh, but she thinks Greg is better, OMG she can’t decide, she won’t listen to no-one’s advice, and so on, again and again. Only after Greg left town, to study, and Josh left her after her pregnancy shit-show, Rebecca had to find some better things to do. And while she kept on drifting apart from Paula (which, by the way, could also be done more naturally, without that no-Josh contract drama), she accidentally burnt her house, and while staying a Heather’s, she got a new direction. A better one, a wonderful one: Founding a “girl squad”.


Coincidentally (or not), Gabrielle Ruiz‘s Valencia was promoted to series regular this season, and while I didn’t know that, I really hoped Becs will manage to befriend her this time. The chemistry between these two is through the roof. But do you what’s more awesome? The trio of Becs-Heather-Valencia. Seriously, there are moments of pure gold between them. Episode 5, in the Electric Mesa, when Becs and Valencia actually became besties, was one of the best so far (and the competition is very close). The girls are the strong part in a cast that’s easily perfect.

And the songs? Friendtopia is a Spice Girls perfect moment. Stuck in the Bathroom is a perfect R Kelly rip-off, while it also lets Heather bloom. Research Me Obsessively is the first song of Brittany Snow’s Anna, and it’s awesome. And episode 7 ends with Becs and Paula’s 80’s rock duet You Go First, and I was so happy at the moment (even though they are still aren’t communicating).


Talking about Paula, her direction is also welcome. Separating her from Becs and letting her go on her own way was a great idea. She deserves that much. They are both to blame for their current “feud”, and I’m sure they will manage to solve this, at some very dramatic moment, of course (I just hope not as an excuse to separate Becs from Valencia again. After all, they are both “Crazy Ex-Girlfriends” now). One thing I’m afraid, though, is that Scott current anger will lead Paula to try something with that Sunil dude. Her’s not worth it.

All in all, leading Jush, Becs and Paula on different paths is a very good writing decision. I’m sure Greg will return at one point, and I hope it’ll still be a great series by then.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will return next week, January 6th.


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