Love is Tough // “Love” Season 2 Review

“Love” can be considered one of Netflix’ weird drama-comedies. It can certainly be talked about in the same sentence with “Master of None”, “Easy” and “Flaked”, all of them belong to the Millennial TV Genre, in which troubled young adults around the ages of 20-35 struggle though life and love, much like FX’ “You’re the Worst”. At first, I didn’t fully understand this genre, despite being in this age period and being troubled. But the more I watched, the more I understood, and lately, I’ve anticipated the return of “Love” pretty desperately.

Love’s season 2 picked up right where the first season ended, with Gus (the cute Paul Rust) and Mickey (beautiful Gillian Jacobs) standing outside a gas station, realizing they like each other after a long stray, but at the same time, realizing they can’t be together because Mickey is addicted to love and sex (her words, not mine). At this point, you might think this season will be another long stray before the two of them will be together again, but surprise: fate causes them to spend the night together (not sexually), and the day after, all of which during several pretty sweet episodes.

Love s2

But just when everything’s so good, you know it can’t last. The hints are there (they aren’t a couple, just dating, and while Mickey is encouraged to stay with Gus by one of her AA buddies, Gus becomes too eager to be with her all the time), and when Mickey’s dad visits, the fall is nigh. When Gus travels to Atlanta for a month (Arya, his young actress student, travels there to film a movie after her series is frozen), they have a hard time staying in touch daily, and Mickey’s job and ex prove more problems in the way.

Gus, on the other hand, goes to a meeting of AA friends and families, and understands what he did wrong with Mickey (being condescending and all). Upon returning, Mickey’s ex suddenly becomes too eager himself to start a family with her (big mistake, bro), an action that paves the way for a Mickey-Gus comeback. Despite not being completely sincere (she didn’t tell Gus about Dustin, just about seeing “others”), Mickey seems honest about her wish to move forward with Gus. But I’m sure the Dustin storyline is not over.

Sometime before the second season aired, Netflix went ahead and confirmed a 3rd season, which is a wonderful thing. I want to see Gus and Mickey try and work out more relationship problems while being just human beings, real people, on television.

love bertie

One issue, though: Bertie has a pretty weak story this season. Her “relationship” with Randy is unhealthy, to say the least. He didn’t change at all, and still borrows money from everyone. Bertie also didn’t develop as a character, and returned to him as soon as she could. The only good episode of her was when she left Mickey and Randy in the mall (I seriously thought at first that she made up the work excuse to forcefully leave Mickey and Randy there). In this episode we truly learned some things about her difficulties being an Australian in a foreign country, and Randy’s work issues.

Here’s hoping for more “Love” adventures next season, more Bertie, more Springwood neighbors funny soundtrack songs, and especially, more Gus and Mickey.


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