The Dead Can Talk // Prison Break 5×01 Review

It’s been 8 years. 8 long years since we’ve seen the supposed demise of Michael Scofield, while making sure his wife, Sara, escapes from prison. Since then, we’ve already seen Michael and Lincoln’s actors team up again on the The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but when the rumors about Prison Break revival started in 2015, it seemed like a dream. Moreover, after seeing them both act a bit foolish, and seeing Callies as the dreaded Laurie on The Walking Dead, it seemed impossible to make this comeback. But fortunately, it happened, and I hope it will be a blast.

///// Spoilers Ahead /////

In the sequel, Scofield isn’t dead, of course, and after T-Bag (while being freed from prison) receives a photo of Michael in yet another prison, he brings it to Lincoln, who goes straight to Sara. Sara is now re-married, and little Mike is a grown up kid. While Sara thinks the picture is a fake, Lincoln digs up Michael grave (and finds no body), and is almost assassinated. Lincoln turns to C-Note, who has converted to Islam. C-Note finds out the picture was taken in Ogygia prison (same hint was uncovered by Lincoln from the letter), Yemen, and the two of them decide to travel there. Sucre offers to join, of course, but Lincoln refuses. In Yemen, Michael calls himself Kaniel Outis, and is supposedly part of the anti-government militia. Now it’s up to Lincoln and co. to find out what’s going on.

It is obvious that many question and plot holes rise up from this premiere. Every long term series sins with continuation problems (yes, especially Doctor Who and such). But I kind of liked where this episode took us. While initially it seemed like yet another prison inside which Michael willingly entered, in order to escape, it might not be the case. Whether it’s a deliberate cover he has, or maybe a side effect of the brain tumor (or its possible removal), it’s interesting enough to keep me tuning in.

Prison Break 3

In a time when several fan favorites get renewed (24, Macgyver, even Dynasty will be brought back to CW next year), Prison Break was actually just a matter of time. Yes, the story was pretty closed, but in television, every death can be undone (we’ve seen it lots of times in the DC/CW Arrowverse). Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell act pretty much perfectly together, and of course having some of the rest of the gang doesn’t hurt. I swear I didn’t recognize (not remember) C-Note until I checked up online after watching. Too much time has passed, I guess. Even though I only saw the entire original series in 2013, it’s still 4 years.

Prison Break 2

Michael’s son is bound to be interesting, and probably crucial to the story. T-Bag received a new prosthetic hand, which is awesome (the actor still manages to portray a perfectly huge maniac), and C-Note as an Islamist (and is against radical Jihad) in the war-torn Yemen will be unusual to see. Sara has her husband and her kid to take care of, but I’m sure she will get to Yemen sooner or later.

And most important: Why Kaniel Outis? Is the doctor’s assumption correct (Greek for no-one)?

Man, I surely hope this season will succeed and we will get more. FOX only ordered 9 episodes of the sequel as a start.


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