Time Travel Shenanigans // Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Review

Most reviewers found the second season of Legends of Tomorrow a big improvement from the first season. While I agree the first one wasn’t perfect at all, I still think it was fun and great, and I agree much more that the second season was a blast.

While the first season focused solely on the Vandal Savage vs Hawk People arc, and did so with shaking hands and somewhat hesitant stories, the second season wondered far off, with a bigger arc and a lot of stand alone stories that were awesome. Zombies in colonial America? Check. Ray finds love in 16th century Japan? Check. Jonah Hex returns for even a funnier wild west episode? Check. Mick Rory saves General Washington? Check. Tolkien helps the team in the middle of World War I? Check. Star Girl founds Camelot? Check. Ray lands on the moon? Check… Forgive me for cutting the list short.

Rip’s absence for half of the season was surely a lesson learned from his too Time-Lord-y behavior in season 1. So he was gone in another period (1960s), his brain washed, only to be brain washed again by the Legion of Doom to be a villain. By the time the Legends managed to clear his mind, we finally learned to like him, as part of the time, becuase of course, Sara was the best captain for the team.


The Legion of Doom was consisted of villains from The Flash and Arrow, and that helped establish a level of fright for them. Plus, two episodes focused on them, so we could identify with their cause, twisted and cruel as it may be.

Throughout the season, needless to say, this team of misfits learned how to work together. While still messing up almost every mission (Firestorm never hits his targets, right?), they managed to get the jobs done. Each and every character had a development, they all grew and became much more interesting. Newcomers Nate and Amaya are great, and are even greater together.


One minus I still found, was the treatment of Mick Rory. How many more times will he have to prove he is part of the team? Whenever the writers need a team member to blame for the errors, it will surely be Mick. But if Sara wouldn’t have doubted him in the World War I mission, Snart wouldn’t have been able to get to him so quickly. And when they went back and interacted with their previous selves, the lesson Mick learned was erased? Or did he tell himself to finally be the hero he should be? Because letting him choose Aruba for a next destination (while it didn’t happen) was a first step in accepting him as part of the heroes team.

Next season will see the Legends trying to fix time itself, after breaking it with their paradox of interacting with their previous selves (the one thing Rip said to never do). Rip also said to never travel to Jesus’ period, so I hope they will eventually go there (I really thought they’d do that to get his blood after the vial exploded). Star Girl is in Camelot, so I’m sure we will see her again, as well as another visit to Jonah Hex.

October 2017 can’t come soon enough!


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