Time to Get Busy // Workin’ Moms Season 1 Review

Welcome to 2017, the year when TV series can deal with every subject and every idea anyone has ever thought of. Some of them are controversial (13 Reasons Why), some can be groundbreaking (Legion), but some can take an ordinary subject, mix it up and create a funny and wise series such as Workin’ Moms.

I like to think of Workin’ Moms as the grown-up version of You’re The Worst. Take 4 different and potentially explosive mothers, 3 of them are pretty young, and put them through the stresses and turbulence of returning to work after maternity leave, and see what happens.

Catherine Reitman created and stars as Kate, who now returns to work in a big publicity company. Anne is a working-from-home psychologist, Frankie is a real estate middle-woman, and Jenny works in an online security tech firm. Every one of them struggles to find the balance between was what, what’s happening now, and what they wish to happen in the near future. It is to be expected, since the series is hugely based on Reitman’s private experiences, as she told in an interview when the series launched.


Through the 4 main stars, the series tries to portray different types of ways to handle the situation of returning to work. While Reitman’s character, Kate, finds her boss very supportive, he also brought a new employee who sort of competes with her on cases and on the promotion. Her husband is also a full-time worker, so they need a nanny, who gets fired, and then the bring her mom, who causes more trouble. Jenny eases back to work just fine, because her husband chooses to be a stay-at-home dad, while working on his movie script. This “boring” husband causes her to go search for thrills, which will surely damage her marriage.

Anne, who has a 10 year old daughter, a new baby, and now another pregnancy, finds herself getting a nanny who is liked by her daughter more than her. While the husband is all for it, since now they have someone who cooks and cleans, Anne is irritated- she loses her daughter! Frankie, on the other hand, deals with several psychological issues, from Postpartum depression, to feeling distant from Gisele, her wife, and even to losing her job after fighting with another agents. After she gets addicted to selling all their stuff, she realizes she needs help.

Without telling too much, I hope I shared enough details to make you go watch the first season, and if you watched, I hope you agree with me about the vast diversity of this series.


Every episode starts with the meetings all the new (and old) mothers have with a pretty funny guide, in which they are supposed to share their triumphs and difficulties, but eventually they find themselves fight over some issue, whether it’s abortions, food or any other issue.

The dynamics between the 4 stars is sometimes close, and sometimes they rarely meet, but we are able to see how they affect each other. Still, as four different stories, and the way each mother deals with her family and her spouse, is the real deal. The husbands’ actors are great, sharp, and bring in whatever they are required, whether it’s being supportive, assertive or egocentric even.

I hope the maternal nature of this series won’t freak you out. If you can enjoy a good comedy/drama series, you’ll enjoy this one pretty good. Just give it a chance.

Workin’ Moms was renewed for a second season!


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