Nuclear Meltdown // The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Review

Took me quite some time to like The Last Man on Earth. At first, it seemed like a weird series about one person who doesn't know what to do with himself, being alone in the world. Forte was the perfect fit for the starring role, and his goofy and weird behavior was spot on. After... Continue Reading →


Mastering Everything // Master of None Season 2 Review

Master of None season 2 got available 2 weeks ago, and I'm only reviewing it now because I don't really like to binge-watch. I prefer watching one episode a day, especially in series that I find interesting. And boy, this season of Master of None was truly awesome. This season went on and perfected the... Continue Reading →

12 Monkeys Season 3 // TV Event

As was announced before, the 3rd season of 12 Monkeys will be broadcast on 3 consecutive nights, starting yesterday, May 19, today and tomorrow. While it seems strange, it is actually the best way to promote viewing in the age of online streaming. I'll be sure to review key parts of this season as I... Continue Reading →

The Year of Time Travel // Sad Summary

Back in the happy days of September, we were so happy to expect 3 new time travel shows this year; Unfortunately, all 3 of them are now cancelled. First, it was Time After Time, which was cancelled after only 5 episodes on air, in an outrageous move. Then, 2 days ago, Timeless was cancelled, after... Continue Reading →

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