Make the News Great Again // Great News Review

In a time when fake news are all the rage, it’s about time we get some great news. So that’s why it’s especially great that Tina Fey and Robert Carlock brings us “Great News” (NBC), a new sitcom about a little local TV channel somewhere in America, in which, everyday is a new adventure of hilarity and news.

Starring Briga Heelan (Ground Floor, Undateable, Love), but actually starring Andrea Martin as her overprotective mom, this series actually manages to bring some fresh air to the too usual sitcom world. Heelan is Katie, a long time producer in the station, who gets only minor stories to edit. One day, her mom decides to start working again, as an intern in the media business, in the same channel as Katie. Being an intern is a tough job, because Chuck, the host, is the most difficult person on the planet, and usually fires the intern first thing on the morning.

Great News - Season 1

After Carol, the mom, proves to be the only one who can control Chuck, Katie uses it to blackmail Greg, the manager, to give her more major stories to edit, as she persuades her mom to stay, because she decided to leave, to not irritate her daughter. While this situation, who concludes still on the first episode is funny enough, the series keeps the funny stuff coming episode after episode. When Chuck goes through Cataract surgery in both eyes and needs Carol to help him, the station turns to chaos when the big “nay sayer” is not around. When Katie decides to take a story about a loose bear in the zoo, Carol does anything to keep her from going there. and it goes on and on.

The main subject her, leaving the station aside, is the “helicopter parenting” Carol is so good at. Many of us, the millennial generation, know and experience it from first hand. Our parents usually grew up with difficulties and poverty, things that toughened them up pretty quickly. But now, in a time when technology made most things easier, we grow up too damn slow, and we usually need our parents around much more. So, the blame is on them and on us.


Briga Heelan seems like a strong beautiful woman, and seeing her with such a protecting mom is somewhat unreliable, but she manages to act so perfectly, I can forgive her. As for Andrea Martin? Well, the woman is 70 years old, and she’s terrific. She’s funny and charismatic, and steals the room every time.

Carol: I thought you said you didn’t want me in your head, even though you were in my womb for nine months stealing my food.

The rest of thee cast is awesome as well. The video editor, Justin, is the perfect confide-in guy of the office, and the female host, Portia, manages to be a snob and an intelligent woman at the same time. Greg, the manager, is of course terrific, and British.

Katie: Wow. I always assumed you were just a dick. But you’re secretly kind of not.
Greg: Well, yes, because in the movies, villains always have British accents. Even the Nazis. How is that fair?

So, if you want to watch a lovely sitcom, just take a chance and watch Great News. You won’t be disappointed, I swear.

Great News is currently airing Tuesdays on NBC, 2 episodes each week.


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