The Year of Time Travel // Sad Summary

Back in the happy days of September, we were so happy to expect 3 new time travel shows this year; Unfortunately, all 3 of them are now cancelled.

First, it was Time After Time, which was cancelled after only 5 episodes on air, in an outrageous move. Then, 2 days ago, Timeless was cancelled, after a long period of speculation. And, yesterday, Making History, a time travel comedy which has yet to complete broadcast, was cancelled as well. Besides those three, even CW’s Frequency was cancelled this week (along with my favorite No Tomorrow, but that’s for another post). We’ve entered the season with high hopes, and now, we are left with pretty much nothing.

But we won’t cry ourselves to sleep, no! We half-heartedly knew this is going to happen, and although we expected to have as least one of the networks investing in a long running high concept time travel show, we should make peace with the current situation. Basically, science fiction does not belong on networks.


There are other time travel shows to expect. Doctor Who is now strong and steady inside its tenth season, the last one with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and Steven Moffat as showrunner.

In May, 12 Monkeys will return to a 3rd season. Being influences by binge watching and online viewing, SyFy will broadcast the entire season over 3 weekend nights, on May 19-21. This is going to be a thrill. In some sadder news, next year will be its 4th and last season, because the story is supposed to be completed, as we know it is based on the 1995 film.

Later on, on July 24, we are to expect the premiere of Somewhere Between, a TV thriller, in which a Laura, a news producer, is traveling back in time to prevent the murder of her daughter. Details are scarce as of now, and since the filming only started late in March, even no promo is available yet. It seems, however, to be centered mainly on drama, and to have the time travel as a plot tool, much like in Outlander or in Hulu’s 11.22.63. It is based on the Korean series God’s Gift: 14 Days.

In the fall, we expect new seasons of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Travelers.

Perhaps, next year will be a better year for time travel. Overall, we still have some safe bets, but all of the newcomers are gone.


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