Breaking the Prison // Prison Break Season 5 Review

2 months ago, when Prison Break returned from the cold, deep pit of TV, I was truly happy. Yeah, I know, the 4 seasons we had back in the day were more than enough, the series got sillier and sillier over time, and the story became more desperate (The SONA prison in Panama, breaking out Sara from the women prison, the brother’s mom being alive, being exonerated, etc). But still, knowing that my favorite series is back, with another story, was fulfilling.

After finishing the 9 episodes of this season, I’m still happy. The short season did wonders to enable fast storytelling and thrilling adventures around Yemen and the USA. And while the prison plot was quite short and wasn’t very complicated, it was still enjoyable, since they had to escape a prison in a city about to be conquered by Jihadists, a far greater danger than just the prison.

pb5This season further developed our main cast (or what’s left of him). While Licoln was stuck with no future in sight, getting his brother back, and meeting Sheba (the great Israeli Inbar Lavi, whom I will write about very soon), may hold hope that this bad boy may one day settle.


pb4Sara raised little Mike (not Michael Junior, right?) and married Jacob (Mark Feuerstein, forever Hank from Royal Pains), who turned out to be the big bad. Convenient, and just in time for Michael to “return” to life. Jacob was actually the man who hired him, and made him disappear 7 years ago, sending him on bat-shit crazy missions to break out criminals from prison. Sara stayed loyal to Michael, and when T-Bag approached her early on with Michael’s letter, she did wanted to believe he is alive. She flew all the way to Europe to take care of Michael, and that shows something.

C-Note is Muslim now, which helped with all the Yemen plot, and also was a nice change for the character. He has his life now, but he still wishes to help whenever he can. Sucre, however, was featured way too little. His little adventure on the boat was very cool, but short. I wanted more “papi!”

pb1As for T-Bag, he claims he is now reformed. But in order to thank Michael for getting him a robotic arm, and finding his son, he agrees to kill Jacob. T-Bag is no different than he was, the only difference is that now he plays with the good guys. I was kinda sad to see his son die. Whip was actually the most interesting new character, and he could contribute more in future season. But nope, they had to kill him. The only new character to survive this ride was Ja, who stayed by the sea in Yemen.

pb2In the last two episodes,  especially in the last one, I remembered exactly why I like this series: The level of mind games and cat / mouse chase between Michael and Jacob was at its peak. Even though I should have guessed, Michael’s tattoo’s were actually Jacob’s face, for him to use in front of the scanning camera. Genius! Eventually, thus losing Whip and getting T-Bag captured again, Michael had the upper hand.

The weakest story-line belonged to the two “agents” who executed Jacob’s orders. They were the perfect duplicates of Kellerman and Hale from season 2. Kellerman killed Hale who wanted to leave, but later turned over to the good side. The two agents now were sort of an homage, one wanted to leave, the other said no one can, and they both ended up dead.

Fox left the series floating now. The ratings weren’t that good, but re-cancelling it now, just when X-Files, Dynasty, Macgyver and other vintage series are alive (Hawaii-5-O), is probably not a very good idea. The producers said the season ended pretty firmly, but I guess another season is not that crazy of an idea.


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