English Israeli Music, anyone?

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a musical blog, so why not now? And once again, I’d like to promote Israeli artists who create in English, because I admire them so much. So let’s get right to it.

ADI – Nothing to Prove

ADI (Ulmansky), with a history in the Israeli version of “A Star is Born”, creates indie-pop, with electronic influences. Her voice soothes, calms and builds the perfect mood required to enjoy her well-thought melodies. You can also check out Snow, for example, or her perfect LP’s cover of Lost on You, with Nathan Goshen. It might take you some time to connect to Adi’s music, but once you catch her preferences, you’d realize it’s pure gold.

Aveva – Where Are You Love

Seriously, close your eyes as this song starts, and try to imagine where it places you. You feel it yet? A darkened Jazz / RNB club from the middle of the previous century, with lots of people sitting around tables, moving their heads to the rhythm. Aveva is actually a band, founded in 2013 by Aveva Dese, an Ethiopian immigrant to Israel (from 1984), who enjoyed and sang RNB from young age. I really really like her singing and her melodies. You might wanna listen to I Wanna Go as well, and to her cover of Clean Bandit’s Rockabye, to fully grasp her power.

Lola Marsh – Sirens

Lola Marsh was founded in 2013 as well, by Yael Shoshana and Gil Landau. Yael, the vocalist, does a terrific job presenting a suspenseful, yet uplifting song, with Gil’s awesome playing. By gaining momentum and publicity both in Israel and abroad, they released their first album in 2016. Their music is, I think, a unique combination of Lana Del Ray’s whimsical tunes, and LP’s vintage twists. Check out their cover of Calexico’s Black Heart, and the recent Wishing Girl.

As always, feel free to comment, suggest more songs, or to get addicted to these artists.


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