Crazy Max // Rick and Morty 3×02 Review

The summer is on full force now, and about 99% of the Television is nonexistent. Nonetheless, it seems Game of Thrones is on now, and another hit is on the way- The Defenders. But, another huge joy has returned to our lives this week: Rick and Morty. I will try and keep up with weekly reviews about the new season, since I like this series so, so much.

“Rickmancing the Stone” is a wonderful homage of Mad Max, with the main set of this episode being a post-apocalyptic earth, in which “Death Stalkers” usually fight amongst themselves, and hunt regular people. Rick, Morty and Summer are thrown into that reality in the midst of Beth and Jerry’s breakup, just when Jerry moves out. While it was obvious that Morty and Summer will struggle with their parents breakup, we’ve also discovered Rick’s true feelings, when he admits he doesn’t handle this new situation in a healthy way.


Through a journey of self-discovery, both Morty and Summer stomach their newfound live. Rick injects Morty with a muscle memory of an arm of a person who had his house and family burnt down, and through the arm’s path to revenge, Morty manages to release his anger towards his father, thus eventually believing it is Jerry’s fault, and he should have done better. Summer is ignorant at first, but when Rick turned the planet to a civilized society by the end of the episode, she found herself in a similar position to her mom: she’s the only one who cares and does, while her partner, “Hemorrhage”, turned into a lazy good-for-nothing couch-potato. Summer started feeling sorry for her father’s new position.

Rick, obviously, exploits his grandkids willingness to travel with him, in order to achieve his selfish intentions. This time, he wanted to big glowing green rock, which can create electricity. He managed to get a piece eventually, by speeding Summer’s “break-up” and leaving the now civilized Mad-Max earth. But, somewhere in the middle, he realized he travels mainly to escape his daughter’s fragile state. He built robotic replacements to stay with his daughter, but eventually, sort-of, apologized for that.


Using the absurdly bloody set of this Mad Max planet as the place in which our antagonists overcome their sorrows is a genius and bold move, one that payed off greatly. Jerry was mostly left out, except for his “Loser” haunting ghost, and his wolf buddy who eats his unemployment check. In this entire scheme, Jerry was always the weak one, trying to find his place after Rick rejoined the family. Beth won’t give up her father that quickly, and if Jerry wishes to return home, he will have to sacrifice.

Takeaway funny moments:

Morty: Seriously, Rick? Is it really easier to eat human flesh than to just tell me why we’re still here?

Morty: Summer just ran off with strangers that have “Death” in their name, and the rest of their name was “Stalkers.”
Rick: Huh, could be therapeutic for her. She has been acting pretty crazy lately, Morty. I mean, her parents are going through a divorce…
Morty: Damn it, Rick, that’s what I… Fine.

[Morty’s last victim turns out to be alive…]
Rick: Well, the longer you wait, Morty, the more it’s gonna feel like committing a whole murder.

What did y’all think? Comment!


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