The Guest Book // New Comedy Review

–This is a no-spoilers general review–

For TBS, it’s been quite a success in the recent two years. While many will not agree with me, I think their streak of new and inventive comedies is a breadth of fresh air on television. I personally watched all of them, and each comedy brings something else. If you want to give it a try, you should definitely start with “The Detour” and “Search Party”, though all of the rest are wonderful.

“The Guest Room” is the newest series up to date, now an anthology-type series. Meaning, the main cast, the guests of the “Froggy Cottage”, is different every week, and the supporting characters are the same. We have the cabin’s owner and his wife, Wilfred and Emma, their nephew Eddie (who delivers the Asian food and uses the tips for drugs), Sinnomin, the stripper, her step-son Frank (who blackmail his mom’s clients), the neighboring father and son, and so on.

tgb2The first episode sees Tim (Community’s Danny Pudi), who is having troubled marriage, and uses the cabin as an escape to try and reconcile. While their relationship improves, Tim struggles after he is blackmailed by the stripper’s step-son, and tries to do his best to hide his encounter from his wife. The second episode sees Jill (The West Wing and The Good Wife’s Stockard Channing), who tries to convert her son’s atheist future-bride by a complicated scheme, and later suffers the consequences.

Each episode brings its own charm to the series, and each guest star beings his / her appeal and character. It’s so great to see how every story gets intertwined with the local’s stories, and how some of the actions influence others.

Every episodes ends with a country song, performed by HoneyHoney, while the current guests leave the cabin, and the new ones are on their way. It is a great way to end an episode with a high tone, while leaving us wanting more.

tgb3Each episode has its strengths and its weaknesses. In the first episode, for example, Tim and his wife’s conflict is not that interesting, but Tim’s entire plan to beat the blackmail dude is genuinely genius. In the second episode, the entire turnover of the story is elegant and nicely told.

I’m waiting to see whether some characters will meet or interact later on, or will the entire season will be the stand alone stories. I guess time will tell.

Anyway, I surely recommend tuning in!


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