New Rick Species // Rick and Morty 3×03 Review

It happened! Rick has done the unbelievable, and turned himself into a pickle. Pickle Rick! For what purpose, you might ask? Well, it’s probably for some crazy new adventures, or an insane experiment, right? Not exactly.

“Pickle Rick” presents the perfect balance between a crazy-sexy-cool adventure, and a dramatic (and funny) family development, and while the two seemed unrelated, they were very related. All hints were that Rick turned himself into a pickle to avoid going to family counseling. The timing, the syringe above him, his avoidance of clear answers (Morty was the smartest one in the room, for a change). But Beth chose to avoid it all, let go of her father’s mess, and took the kids to the poop-rehab psychologist. What seemed like therapy for her kids, quickly turned out to be Beth’s therapy.


While Rick was on his own, fighting rain, cockroaches, rats, secret agents and Jaguar (a person, not an animal), Beth was captured by the psychologists deep understanding of the family’s situation. Beth always forgives her father, even though their relationship was (and is) a mess. Even though it drove Jerry off, and hurt the kids, Beth always defends her father. She’s the only one who thinks the syringe is unrelated to the situation, and always tried to turn the discussion to the kids’ shenanigans.

But when Rick completed his journey, almost dying, he had to confess, in front of the doctor, what’s in the syringe. You are you mind’s master, the psychologists concluded, and everything you’ve done today, was your own choice. And even after all that, Rick and Beth chose to go drink, and avoided the kids needs once again.

Rick claims he changes things that he doesn’t like, that this is his way of solving problems. But what if those changes are actually leading to most of the problems? When he told Jaguar he has infinite daughters, and Jaguar wondered whether he has as well (since his daughter is dead), Rick quickly lied. True, he helped Jaguar earn his freedom, but what’s the hassle finding him an alternate daughter? Rick’s selfishness, of course.


Funny takeaways:

Morty: Well, can you move? Can you fly?
Rick: I wouldn’t be much of a pickle if I could.
Morty: All right, well, do pickles live forever or…
Rick: Morty, stop digging for hidden layers and just be impressed. I’m a pickle.

Rick: The reason anyone would do this is, if they could, which they can’t, would be because they could, which they can’t.

Rick: I hope my lack of fingers doesn’t prevent the perception of my air quotes.

Agency Director: What is it?
Agent: A pickle? A rat? Both.
Another Agent: It says it’s a scientist.

Agency Director: Some of my men are calling you “Solen’ya”… The Pickle Man, an old wives tale. He crawls from bowls of cold soup to steal the dreams of wasteful children.

A great episode from start to finish.

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