Exploring and Destroying // Science Fiction Motif

Recently, I wondered about a motif that is overused in Science Fiction Television. I started to ponder about that after realizing, in the current season of Agents of Shield, that almost every new technology or artifact they discover, they manage to destroy or blow up. Almost nothing gets kept for later analyzing and / or... Continue Reading →


Trekking the Stars // Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Review

It's the golden age of Science Fiction on TV and in the movies. That, we already know pretty well. With the huge success of Game of Thrones (overrated), Walking Dead, the DC/CW superhero shows, the Marvel movies, Star Trek and Star Wars, etc, it's no wonder that every once in a while, we got even... Continue Reading →

Crawl Crawl Power Rangers // Movie Review

A lot has been said and discussed lately about super heroes movies, their strengths and weaknesses, and how a great heroes movie should be done. I'm gonna review this movie without recapping or spoiling it, because I want to discuss some important lessons that can be extracted from Marvel and DC's experiences. Power Rangers is... Continue Reading →

Time Travel Fundamentals

Lately, I've started to think about some of the movies, TV shows and books about time travel, that I've read over the years. Some of them were exceptional, some were good, and some, unfortunately, were only mediocre (nicely saying, of course). I'm no expert on time travel, don't get me wrong, and I never traveled... Continue Reading →

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