Rick and Jerry // Rick and Morty 3×05 Review

Continuing the ongoing arc of (probably) the entire season, this episode deals with Beth and Jerry's breaking marriage, as well. But this time, we get a glance on Jerry's point of view, on Rick's thoughts about Jerry, and a side plot where Beth and Morty must overcome a situation without Rick's help. The beginning of... Continue Reading →


New Rick Species // Rick and Morty 3×03 Review

It happened! Rick has done the unbelievable, and turned himself into a pickle. Pickle Rick! For what purpose, you might ask? Well, it's probably for some crazy new adventures, or an insane experiment, right? Not exactly. "Pickle Rick" presents the perfect balance between a crazy-sexy-cool adventure, and a dramatic (and funny) family development, and while... Continue Reading →

The Guest Book // New Comedy Review

--This is a no-spoilers general review-- For TBS, it's been quite a success in the recent two years. While many will not agree with me, I think their streak of new and inventive comedies is a breadth of fresh air on television. I personally watched all of them, and each comedy brings something else. If... Continue Reading →

Crawl Crawl Power Rangers // Movie Review

A lot has been said and discussed lately about super heroes movies, their strengths and weaknesses, and how a great heroes movie should be done. I'm gonna review this movie without recapping or spoiling it, because I want to discuss some important lessons that can be extracted from Marvel and DC's experiences. Power Rangers is... Continue Reading →

Summer 2017 in Science Fiction

Well, now that all of the winter / spring seasons of TV series are behind us, and the quiet season began, it's the perfect time to review what's in stock for us in the summer. We have some returning shows and some new, so let's review the upcoming science fiction and fantasy TV up ahead:... Continue Reading →

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