Driving on Fumes // Doctor Who Christmas Special 2017 Review

"Twice Upon a Time", Doctor Who 2017's Christmas special is a perfect case study of the Steven Moffat era of the series: Missed opportunities and reused ideas, mixed together in a time span of 7 years. I personally love Doctor Who ever since its first episode of 2005 (since I haven't watched the classic series... Continue Reading →


The Magic of Z Nation // Season 4 Review

TV trends come and go. Ten years ago, vampires were everywhere. The brain-craving Zombies replaced them after a few years, and time travel began its lifecycle last year, with remnants still here and there. Police procedurals, on the other hand, are always on-screen, and always will be. But every now and then, among all the... Continue Reading →

When Music and TV Collide

There are many ways in which music and television meet. Whether it's a show's opening (which are way too short these days, and most of them don't even include music), whether it's the show's general soundtrack that can be heard in the background from time to time (CW uses it a lot in its teen... Continue Reading →

Happily Crazy // Happy! Premiere Review

Integrating a live-action series with cartoon characters was always, "relatively" difficult. From the plot point, of managing to come up with a convincing enough reason to employ the made-up characters, and through the execution, where the interactions between the people and those characters need to be realistic. There were several examples of this technique throughout... Continue Reading →

December Picks // Music Post

It's been about a month since my latest post, and what's better for a comeback than a musical post? I really need to write more music-related posts here. This time, I'm picking several interesting musical songs/videos, not necessarily new, but excellent and fascinating for you to (hopefully) discover and like. Meg Mac- Bridges (Broods cover)... Continue Reading →

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