Matchmaker // Black Mirror 4×04 Review

Black Mirror's main aim is to present us with plentiful ways in which technology can mess and / or destroy our lives. Most of time, it deals with the negative consequences of tech, with either death or misery. But every now and then, there comes an episode which is slightly funny, complete with a happy... Continue Reading →


Hit and Run and Kill // Black Mirror 4×03 Review

In his never-ending chase after new stories for Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker probably explores each and every aspect of our lives, in order to observe how advanced technology might affect it. Some stories prove interesting and thrilling, and others, like this episode, prove being too long and, frankly, boring. The last 20 minutes of the... Continue Reading →

Bee-Have // Black Mirror 3×06 Review

This super-sized season of Black Mirror, filled with difficult and dark moments, comes to an end with a feature-length episode, which mixes together police drama, near-future technology, hacking thriller and some tough decisions for our characters. "Hated in the Nation" takes us no more than a few years into the future. The bees became extinct,... Continue Reading →

Streaming Your Fears // Black Mirror 3×02 Review

I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but something very fundamental about Black Mirror, is the diversity of its genres. While all episodes discuss future tech and inventions, with dark twists, some episodes are somewhat light (this season's first episode), and some are much more dark and frightening (this episode). "Playtest" starts easily and nice,... Continue Reading →

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