Parental Control 2.0 // Black Mirror 4×02 Review

The bond between parents and their children is one of the strongest bonds in the universe. Being their own flesh and blood creation, a parent feel the urge to do anything to protect and care about his offspring, a need that sometimes can be too obtrusive. Black Mirror explores how spying technology might affect parenting... Continue Reading →


Black Me Up, Scotty // Black Mirror 4×01 Review

Back when I started my communications studies, there was one less-known series that all of the lecturers were talking about. It was Black Mirror, and shortly after its first season aired, it became a symbol of the academic view of how technology and bad intentions will change our lives for the worst in the near... Continue Reading →

Summer 2017 in Science Fiction

Well, now that all of the winter / spring seasons of TV series are behind us, and the quiet season began, it's the perfect time to review what's in stock for us in the summer. We have some returning shows and some new, so let's review the upcoming science fiction and fantasy TV up ahead:... Continue Reading →

The Year of Time Travel // Sad Summary

Back in the happy days of September, we were so happy to expect 3 new time travel shows this year; Unfortunately, all 3 of them are now cancelled. First, it was Time After Time, which was cancelled after only 5 episodes on air, in an outrageous move. Then, 2 days ago, Timeless was cancelled, after... Continue Reading →

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