Save Them All // Timeless Episode 2 Review

After the ride of the series premiere, episode 2 kicks off moments after, and while there is a short time when Lucy tries to figure out what has changed for her in this new present, she is immediately called back to another mission. Flynn has traveled back again, and this time, to the day of... Continue Reading →


Overcome Your Fears // No Tomorrow Episode 2 Review

Continuing the sweet vibe of the first episode, the second had no problem developing our lovable characters and presenting new conflicts and thrills. Evie, being the risk hater that she is, is about to face a panel of 8 people at work, a panel who has a sole purpose: deciding who should be fired. She... Continue Reading →

No Tomorrow // Series Premiere

In recent years, and especially since Netflix became the huge production company that it is now, the borders between genres started to fade. Comedy is no longer necessarily 20 minutes, drama can be very funny, and every genre can include science-fiction elements. No tomorrow is essentially a comedy, but I guessed you noticed, it was... Continue Reading →

Timeless // Series Premiere

Time-travel fans: Rejoice! The first of three cable networks time-hopping series have landed, and it's time to stomach what we saw in the premiere, and how much we liked what we saw. But be careful, this review contains some spoilers! It all starts in 1937, when the airship Hindenburg, carrying 97 people from Germany, crashed... Continue Reading →

New Great Comedy: Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the few new comedies that already started broadcasting this month. Brought to us by FX, it continues the new tone that is also featured in You're The Worst and Better Things: Comedy which is less light-hearted, more grounded, even darker at times, which presents real time situations and throws it all... Continue Reading →

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