Call Her Name // Special Musical Post

Let's have a special musical blog post. The theme this time, will be songs with woman names. You might stop and ask, why? Well, first, because it's challenging and interesting, and second, because it's fun. And because those are classics! Are you ready? Europe - Carrie When Joey Tempest opens his voice, and his... Continue Reading →


When Music and TV Collide

There are many ways in which music and television meet. Whether it's a show's opening (which are way too short these days, and most of them don't even include music), whether it's the show's general soundtrack that can be heard in the background from time to time (CW uses it a lot in its teen... Continue Reading →

December Picks // Music Post

It's been about a month since my latest post, and what's better for a comeback than a musical post? I really need to write more music-related posts here. This time, I'm picking several interesting musical songs/videos, not necessarily new, but excellent and fascinating for you to (hopefully) discover and like. Meg Mac- Bridges (Broods cover)... Continue Reading →

Rain on my Blogade

In light of the rain and the thunders that happened upon us, here in Israel, today, I decided it's time for a slew of winter music. So grab your umbrellas, hold on to your jackets, and look for your furnace, cause it's winter time! Let's start off with an upbeat one, because the rain is... Continue Reading →

Step to the Music

When I opened this blog, not so long ago, I promised to bring TV and Music posts, but not only mainstream. I like TV series which sometimes are hidden pearls, stuffed in a little cable network. Much the same can be said about my music taste, which changes from mainstream pop and rock, to jazz,... Continue Reading →

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