Trekking the Stars // Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Review

It's the golden age of Science Fiction on TV and in the movies. That, we already know pretty well. With the huge success of Game of Thrones (overrated), Walking Dead, the DC/CW superhero shows, the Marvel movies, Star Trek and Star Wars, etc, it's no wonder that every once in a while, we got even... Continue Reading →


Time Travel Shenanigans // Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Review

Most reviewers found the second season of Legends of Tomorrow a big improvement from the first season. While I agree the first one wasn't perfect at all, I still think it was fun and great, and I agree much more that the second season was a blast. While the first season focused solely on the... Continue Reading →

Time Travel Fundamentals

Lately, I've started to think about some of the movies, TV shows and books about time travel, that I've read over the years. Some of them were exceptional, some were good, and some, unfortunately, were only mediocre (nicely saying, of course). I'm no expert on time travel, don't get me wrong, and I never traveled... Continue Reading →

Killjoys Season 2 Finale

Yesterday, Killjoys wrapped up its thrilling second season. One major plot thread was solved, but with it, several new mysteries and ideas came bouncing back. Since Sy-Fy already confirmed Killjoy's 3rd season renewal, we can try and sum up what we had this year. Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead! This season was digging a lot deeper... Continue Reading →

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