The Year of Time Travel // Sad Summary

Back in the happy days of September, we were so happy to expect 3 new time travel shows this year; Unfortunately, all 3 of them are now cancelled. First, it was Time After Time, which was cancelled after only 5 episodes on air, in an outrageous move. Then, 2 days ago, Timeless was cancelled, after... Continue Reading →


My 2016 in Television – Part 1

It's no surprise that 2016 broke some serious boundaries in quality and quantity regarding television. With the ever-growing involvement of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, and the infinite number of broadcast and cable channels everywhere, we've had an indescribable amount of new content. Sorting through it to choose favorites equals to... crossing the ocean,  guess. So,... Continue Reading →

Time Travel Fundamentals

Lately, I've started to think about some of the movies, TV shows and books about time travel, that I've read over the years. Some of them were exceptional, some were good, and some, unfortunately, were only mediocre (nicely saying, of course). I'm no expert on time travel, don't get me wrong, and I never traveled... Continue Reading →

Timeless // Series Premiere

Time-travel fans: Rejoice! The first of three cable networks time-hopping series have landed, and it's time to stomach what we saw in the premiere, and how much we liked what we saw. But be careful, this review contains some spoilers! It all starts in 1937, when the airship Hindenburg, carrying 97 people from Germany, crashed... Continue Reading →

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