One Big Happy // Happy! Season 1 Review

Happy! is everything you might ever wanted from a TV series. It's crazy, funny, bloody and smart. It's got all of this and much, much more. As I've already wrote about its premiere, I think this series is a must watch, and after finishing the first season yesterday, I believe its renewal for a second... Continue Reading →


Call Her Name // Special Musical Post

Let's have a special musical blog post. The theme this time, will be songs with woman names. You might stop and ask, why? Well, first, because it's challenging and interesting, and second, because it's fun. And because those are classics! Are you ready? Europe - Carrie When Joey Tempest opens his voice, and his... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Z Nation // Season 4 Review

TV trends come and go. Ten years ago, vampires were everywhere. The brain-craving Zombies replaced them after a few years, and time travel began its lifecycle last year, with remnants still here and there. Police procedurals, on the other hand, are always on-screen, and always will be. But every now and then, among all the... Continue Reading →

When Music and TV Collide

There are many ways in which music and television meet. Whether it's a show's opening (which are way too short these days, and most of them don't even include music), whether it's the show's general soundtrack that can be heard in the background from time to time (CW uses it a lot in its teen... Continue Reading →

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