Overcome Your Fears // No Tomorrow Episode 2 Review

Continuing the sweet vibe of the first episode, the second had no problem developing our lovable characters and presenting new conflicts and thrills.

Evie, being the risk hater that she is, is about to face a panel of 8 people at work, a panel who has a sole purpose: deciding who should be fired. She knows she freezes in the face of stress and danger, but she still assures everyone that it’ll be okay. But helps comes from an unexpected place: Xavier and his cousin, Jesse, who help her overcome her fear, by practicing stressful sporty situations, but also, jumping from a very tall cliff. Compared to that, the board interview was a breeze.

Jesse, Xavier’s cousin (who is like a brother to him), escaped from jail at the end of the first episode, and Xavier instantly offers him a safe harbor. He knows it troubles Evie, but he can’t abandon his buddy. After helping Evie with work, she appreciates Jesse and accepts his stay, but not for long. After he throws an empty can of beer (accidentally) on a police car, and almost being caught under his false identity, Evie insists he must leave. Xavier plans to get him papers to leave the states, but Evie (an excellent problem solver), uses the bugs and errors of the work’s shipments schedules, to ship Jesse safely to Canada. It’s her appreciation of the help she was given, when needed.

The comic part belonged to Deidre, Evie’s boss, and her attempts at catching Hank’s attention, without violating HR guidelines about affairs between employees. After managing to turn every attempt to an awkward situation, she does the best gesture she can: buying him an orthopedic stress reliever chair. What a treat. I just hope the Deidre/Hank plot-line won’t become too heavy or repetitive later on.


This episode, as a whole, talks about overcoming fear and obstacles. Jumping off a cliff, facing a layoff threat, selling more than your coworker (Evie’s dad sub-plot), or admitting the fact that you are no longer Evie’s number 1 (but can still be a friend- Timothy, of course), all of these are tough situations. But as Evie summed up her interview,

Evie: My point is, we should fix the kinks in the system before we lay people off.
And unless there’s anything else, I should get back to work.
Frightening Panel Man: No baloney with that one. I like that.

the solution can also be easy. Just face your fears, do the best you can, and who knows, maybe something good might happen.

What did you all like or dislike about this episode?


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